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 Hi There,

Welcome to my Curriculum Vitae. See all the things i have been getting up to in the past year. I am hoping to do much more in the next year with my final year at university.


D.O.B: 05/03/1997




PHONE: 0121 749 1148

MOBILE: 07958252416


I am attending Birmingham City University studying Media and Communications (Journalism). I am a highly motivated individual with a good understanding of the importance of audiences, customers and industry. I am currently seeking a position within a forward thinking environment which will offer good opportunities for my developing media career.
Hammerson- Bullring Shopping Centre (MAY-PRESENT)

·         Commercial Sales

·         Event Planning

·         Admin

·         Invoices, PO, Credit Notes

·         Customer Service

·         Managing Promotions

Newsflare: Sales Administrative Assistant (NOV’16-FEB’17)

·         Data Entry

·         Finding contacts in their industry

·         Work independently

·         Report back weekly to management

·         Using LinkedIn and other online profiles

FlatPack Birmingham Film Festival: Events (2016/2017)

·         Setting up and laying out the event

·         Handling cash and sales

·         Handing out flyers, leaflets and questionnaires

·         Working in a team

·         Talking and helping the public

Corps Security: Administrator (AUG-SEP’16)

·         Data Entry

·         Writing up Invoices

·         Using internal finance systems

·         Working in a finance team in Birmingham& Crawley

Open Evening for Year 7 and Post 16: Representative of the school (2015)

·         Communicating with new parents and students

·         Guiding people around the college showing perspective parents many features the school has to offer

·         Providing an opportunity lesson

·         Giving important information to the external public

CTC Kingshurst Academy Summer School: Student Mentor for new year 7s (2014)

·         Plan and supervise activities

·         Supporting individual needs with children who are vulnerable and have learning difficulties

·         Observing students work and skills

·         Encouraging children to socialise and learn team building skills

·         Accompanying students and staff on school trips

CTC Kingshurst Academy: Teaching assistant in Media Studies (2013)

·         Planning and supervising activities e.g. set creative tasks on computers

·         Make sure children are safe and well, using equipment in a correct fashion

·         Helping children with individual needs

SEPTEMBER 2015-2018: Birmingham  City University

BA (Hons) Media& Communications (Journalism):

Year 1

Studying the Media& Communication

Professional Media Practice

Journalism, Public Relations& the Media

Visual Design

Journalism in Practice

Media Photography Skills

Media Relations


Year 2

Journalism in Context

Professional Media Practice

Broadcast Journalism

Magazine Production

Music Journalism

New Media, New Narratives

Film Cultures


SEPTEMBER’13- MAY’15: City Technology College Kingshurst Academy

International Baccalaureate:

23 Points

Extended Essay in Film Studies- C



SEPTEMBER’08- MAY’13: City Technology College Kingshurst Academy


10 GCSE’s C grade & above

BTEC Business Double Award- 2 Distinction*

Quality in all :

·         windows applications and software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

·         Capable of working on the internet, email, blogs, social media

Competent with the use of technology and camera’s

·         Adobe programmes at beginner’s level (Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator)

·         Photography at a basic level

·         MAC editing software& GarageBand

·         Taking photographs to extend my skill set.

·         Frequently listening to new music and attending concerts as music journalism is something I am going to study.

·         Enjoy watching French cinema through all of its movements such as French New Wave and having a critical reflection on films.

Please see the link attached if you require a document copy-LILY CV- PORTFOLIO

Newsflare- Placement

I did my placement at Newsflare. This is a UCG organisation that let its uploaders provideo video footage. Then organisations buy the footage from Newsflare for hundreds or thousands of pounds.


Analysis of the work placement carried out at Newsflare

Placement Opportunity

The work experience I have carried out over the 70 hours was at two places. One being with Flat Pack Film Festival; Flatpack Film Festival is a little company whose aim is to bring niche films and idea to the community of Birmingham for certain weeks throughout the year. The activities and days are inspiring and inspirational for children and adults. The second one is Newsflare. For this assignment I am to look at Newsflare as my main work experience as I was most interested to gather some findings for a company who buys and sells user generated content across the globe.

The company which I had taken the opportunity to do work experience for was Newsflare. It is based in: Newsflare, Scriptor Court, and 157 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3AD, United Kingdom. To contact someone from the company about other placements or internships, I would ask for Terry Pierce, who is the News Distribution Manager. His contact details are: Mobile: +44 (0) 7515 466 395 Telephone: +44 (0) 8432 895 191 or it may be easier for another student to contact him via email address at:

The nature of Newsflare is for it to provide an online video news community and a market place for user generated video. Newsflare is in some ways a digital version of a news agency; it will buy its content from anyone and then sell it to little or big news organisations etc. They are accessible for upload or information by their website at which is their main platform to gain the content needed for media industry organisations and to make their money. They do have social media sites to gain some following however these are not a main source of priority to make the Social Media audience happy, they use to gain a following when someone like the LadBible uses their video content they will source them. This is more of a way to inform media outlets of what User Generated Content gather from its uploaders. Therefore showing companies like Sky News, that they have all types of video footage sent to them hourly. For example when Grenfell Tower went up into a blaze, many companies sought for a new video showing something different about the fire to show individuality of their news organisation or broadcast programme.

An Analysis of the Organisation

Newsflare seeks to find user generated content. They will buy the content from anyone in any community and sell it on to either small or big broadcasting companies, meaning that their customers get paid for their videos. They seek to find the best videos which are most wanted by broadcasters or social media sites. Every video tells something different whether it’s funny, war, terrorism, political or it goes viral. The videos can be uploaded via their website. Newsflare supply license for the video which is bought numerous organisations from news organisations, online publishers, television shows, production companies, brands and agencies. Some of their most well-known customers are the likes of: The Daily Mail, The LAD Bible, ITV Studios, Rude Tube, KFC and Microsoft. Customers can be active with the company for as long as they want to. Newsflare has set activities which they need footage for; if the customer can find it then they pay for it again and again if it is sold on.

The purpose of their company in the UCG era is that the way we take in and watch news has changed. Videos are being shot nearly every minute of the day by millions of people. These videos are now being used in news bulletins, documentaries, entertainment shows and on website. The social media is making news easier to access as soon as it happens, with videos appearing within 15 minutes of it taking place. One share and it is seen over the world.

Newsflare believes in the value of the video and how well it can capture the narrative of a story. Newsflare sells viral video stories and breaking news videos to global media and news organisations daily. They have the uploaders, the channel and the buyers. The uploaders are the most important, their content creates UCG medium that interacts with many companies all over the globe. The uploader’s videos have a big value from hundreds to thousands of pounds being paid for their content.

Structure of job roles

Newsflare first of all has an advisory board that is there to oversee the how well the business is working and to give advice on what the company can do to keep up with commercial trends of the media sector. They have two strategic advisors and two investor directors. A strategic advisor is there to make sure that the objectives are about making the best choices so that they can to improve the outcomes in the future. The investor directors are there to oversee the communication between the company, the financial community, and others.  Newsflare has two co-founders Jon Cornwell and Bevan Thomas. Then in terms of the hierarchy of the team the top is head of news who is Mark Morris. My Boss Terry Pierce is the News Distribution Manager. The hierarchy then goes lower with importance of job role decreasing from manager, to senior and junior journalists. Hierarchy is important in the structure of a company. The company needs to be able to rely on the powers of different levels of hierarchy. The higher position that someone is in the more influence they have on the choices that the company make. For example managers can make the decision to interview and hire somebody into a job role. Terry Pierce interviewed me and another person, making final judgment on the both of us and chose me to be the sales administrator. My role was important to the company, even though it was for very small tasks it gave all journalists and manager’s content which they need to work with. I created a data spreadsheet with new contacts and updated details for their contacts so that they can understand where people are working and whether that works for Newsflare. Sometimes people change job roles and they do not characterise with the job of the company. For example when I was looking for contacts of Newsflare most of them were Photo Editors but if someone had changed to Tesco Supermarket worker then they wouldn’t be of any use. This example foreshadows that the people who do the little jobs of a large organisation can help everyone because that one piece of work can give so much information.

Market place and response to commercial trends

Newsflare is a very niche but creative idea in the User Generated Content industry. Viral videos are wanted more than ever, more than pictures. It is the quickest way to get the whole picture across, to also show fact in a world where fake news can drip into real news and create madness. To gain success within the market place the company needs to consider ways which will influence its audience to use their website. Newsflare’s position in the market place is about our technology allows us to match the right video with right buyers, fast, giving your video the best chance of exposure ad you the reward you deserve. Newsflare shares 50% of the sales commission, direct with our video contributors and is completely free to use and they have the likes of Discovery Channel, MTV and Sky News.


PEST analysis

In the UK there is currently political instability because of European Union and Brexit. In terms of Brexit there is instability of what will happen in the work place to European and non-European workers. In terms of it affecting their uploaders and audience; Brexit will not cause instability because people from all around the world can still access their website.

The international economic growth for social media is at all-time high. Viral videos are especially becoming the most important thing as a way to get a message across via social media. They are more important than words or pictures. For instance Facebook has recently added advertisements to their videos because they are watched so much it enables them to grow. So in terms of companies who buy from Newsflare they want to buy a video that captures a very large audience.

Socially things have changed a lot in terms of people’s lifestyle choices to the way people communicate. People always have a portable device on them to carry throughout their lives. Most of their day to day action is recorded in some way on their device, whether that is on a text message, a social media app, a photo, a sound bite or a video it is all captured.

Technology is changing all the time. Social media, apps and website are all connecting and changing the way we connect on the World Wide Web. Newsflare in the future may use an app to create a place for it uploaders, this way it is an easier area of where to access their media channel for their uploader and the buyers. Newsflare needs to be that resource to create an independent media channel.

An Evaluation of Your Role & Tasks Performed

The placement opportunity given to me by Terry Pierce was to be a Sales administrator Assistant. This role meant that I had to carry out any tasks which my manager needed doing. The most important task which was asked of me was to update Newsflare’s contacts as they were pretty old. I had to go through 6,000 different contacts which had been compiled together from each member of staff at Newsflare; they brought them altogether to create the best network for the company. Newsflare has a lot of big and important contacts throughout many different media industries. The way I went about finding new information of industry experts was too look on Linkedin accounts and see what their most up to date job position was. When I was in putting the data I would need to put them into one of these seven categories: Agency, Brand, Broadcast, Online, Print, Production and Social. The database which I was in control of in my time at Newsflare was very important to Newsflare as it was all the people and companies that they had compiled since the start of Newsflare in April 2011. These tasks have given me skills that I can use with in my own work at university by showing me that I can work to a shorter time scale when I need to get things done with a deadline. It also has shown me that I am capable of doing a set task if I give myself more confidence. In terms of the world of work it has enable me to go out there and put my CV forward to different jobs to see how far I can go to this point. I can notice that I am more confident to showcase who I am and what knowledge I know about the media industry. Also I am less afraid of learning a new skill set. I would much prefer to learn how to do something as this is an advantage when seeking work if I am not sure about what media sector to go in to. My performance at Newsflare could have some improvements I terms of efficiency and professionalism. However it is has shown me how to work in a full time job scenario. I think I needed to be more clear with my manager about realistic goals as they pushed for far too much which was successful as I wasn’t capable. However I am proud of finishing the set job that was given and can see what industry and fields I enjoy.

Reflections on the ‘World of Work’

The placement made me understand the hierarchy of job roles in a media organization. It has proven that there are many levels to climb to get to somewhere which has powers to make changes within a company or a sector. Newsflare as a media organisation is making an impact in the terms of where media organisations, journalists or broadcasters get there video sources. They can have greater view of what people are recording all day every day and find the best shots for their content. If a documentary maker wants footage they need to find a really detailed piece that shows their narrative precisely. Newsflare has proven that if you keep working for something in the media industry you will finally have a place in the media sector which recognised.

The placement really helped me grow in terms of having confidence to go out and apply for an advance position in other jobs. For example recently taking a temporary position at the Bullring, where I had to instantly have more confidence. I don’t think I would have been able to do this if I hadn’t have done this placement because I didn’t recognise my qualities beforehand and have now understand where my skill set lies. I think I really understand that I want to work in communication and also like the commercial sector. In terms of this sales administration role I can see that I am capable of holding this job spec and have made me more open to accepting and learning other qualities of any organisation. I am definitely more confident when being in contact with a manager. I am able to understand how to be professional in a work setting and now over step the line. From this I have took myself from a university student and full time worker.

FlatPack Film Festival

Please see my attached Testimonial for FlatPack Film Festival

Employer-Testimonial – flatpack

Film Cultures Module

One of my favourite modules was film culture because i enjoy research foreign cinema. My particular specialism in film is French New Wave. Please see my attached assignments.

Assignment 1- La Haine Film Culture Textual Analysis

Assignment 2- film culture assignment 2

Dissertation Preperation

Going into my third year from September we did a module to prepare for the upcoming assignments.  At Birmingham City University we complete a dissertation topic and dissertation project.

Please see my module assignments which go into great deal on the two:

Assignment 1-Lily Fitzsimons Disseration Proposal

Assignment 2- MED5104 Lily Fitzsimons Assignment 2


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