Blog 4

These two particular readings are about the choices of news editors. The first reading ‘The journalist gut feeling’ (Schlutz, 2007) is written by Ida Schultz, her research and findings on journalism is about the selecting of stories and how news stories fit 3 main theoretical frameworks. Schultz looks at one particular case study where she observed a Danish newsroom. The second text which was found to compare with the first text was ‘The ‘Gate Keeper’: A case study in the selection of news’ by David Manning- White. This particular piece was an observation on a news wire at the Chicago Times, the research looked at the choices of news stories and how they were chosen. The subjects chosen by the scholars are of relevancy to society as these two case studies look at what the audiences get to read.


The key themes founded from these two texts are the structures and the differences in freedom of what stories get published depending up on organisation or hierarchy. Another key theme found was that some news organisations “didn’t have particular structures or choices on stories.”(Schlutz, 2007)  However those who had final stories on news stories only voiced their interests and opinions; meaning that some stories would be instantly thrown because a news wire didn’t like these subjects. A third key theme of the two texts represented how newsrooms behaved as if the writing and subjects was in a form freedom but in fact the newsrooms become to be structured as those certain subjects have a ranking or a process.


A conclusion of these two texts suggests that both writers objectively looking at the way news rooms work and how the pick the stories which feature in newspapers from day to day. In these texts the determination of what is chosen is scrutinised by the method in which a news room has worked or been structured to work in. If I were to further the research from these case studies I would do observation research of a local news room and national news room. This would be to see the determination of what stories get chosen and see if they differ or compare. I would like to include the audience research to see how readers feel about other types of stories, finding out whether they would be more interested or not with the newspaper.



Manning, D. (2012) The gate keeper: A case study in a selection of news


Schlutz, I. (2007) The journalistic gut feeling


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