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These two particular readings are about the relationships of journalism and public relations. The first reading written by Kevin Moloney, Daniel Jackson and David McQueen, depicts the activities that happen by each industry. They also determine whether their relationship is dangerous for the media industry and the public. The second text by Frank Davis determines to look at the truth and trust between the two texts and see whether the communication in the relationship is down to them or the public. These particular subjects of interest are relevant to today’s research as both become ever closer to being one instead of communicating between each other.

The key arguments which are found when looking at these two texts is whether having a strong bond between journalism and public relations is good or bad for media. The authors also inspect the changes of journalism and public relations due to the different needs of their audience. From ‘News journalism and public relations: a dangerous relationship’ you can see that the authors think a stronger relationship between the two is dangerous for both of these media industries because as the “PR industry grows, by exploiting hard pressed journalists, it is giving them news stories” (Maloney et al, 2012, p.260) Therefore the information that the public receives will be refined facts and may not always be the full or true story. Another argument is that ‘PR-isation’ and ‘churnalism’ is affecting the input and output of news journalism. I agree with Maloney & McQueen (2013) that public relations are becoming more of a regular source of journalism.


From these two texts, it is easy to see that journalism and public relations are two industries that need to be separate media texts but have good communication so that news stories are written with the right information but the opinion of others. It is also clear to see that as journalism has to work at a much faster pace the public relations profession is going to become more popular than ever with journalists for them to work together, even if distance of one another is the best idea. If I were to carry out further research for this topic I would use frame analysis to look at a particular piece of political journalism and see how it is affected by the public. Frame analysis looks at key themes in a text, and shows how cultural shapes our understanding.


MALONEY, K et al. (2013) News journalism and public relations: A Dangerous Relationship’ Bournemouth University: BA Public Relations Graduate


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